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To become a father, you must have healthy sperm. But, unfortunately, modern lifestyle, constant stress and an unbalanced diet makes this task very difficult. However, there is a method that allows you to maintain the spermatozoa in excellent working condition. For this You don't need to lock yourself in a monastery or go on a desert island. It's enough to make some adjustments in your daily life.

Healthy sperm will not appear by themselves. They arise under the influence of a particular set of biological factors. You can not only increase their quality, but also quantity. This will help You pills Semenax. We will tell about them later. While you should understand how lifestyle affects sperm.

The average number of sperm in healthy men is in the range of 120-350 million per 1 cubic cm the lowest level may reach 40 million by the way, the more sperm in men, the higher his chances to get posterity. To evaluate the qualitative and quantitative potential of sperm from its mobility.

Of course, a healthy best way affects the sperm count and its mobility. That is why every man should desist from such harmful habits like Smoking, excessive use of alcohol and drugs. They adversely affect the sperm. In other words, if You want to have a baby – do not smoke, drink or use drugs.

It is not necessary to forget and about the effects of chemicals various pesticides. It is especially difficult in this respect, urban residents who live in the polluted industrial emissions environment. Such emissions also have a negative impact on sperm.

This is why You need to restructure your diet to organic food that is pesticide-free. The sperm will tell You is "thank you." You should also avoid plastic containers and packaging, as it contains: harmful chemical compounds. Of course, to follow those recommendations is quite difficult. First, healthy food costs more than conventional food. Yeah and the plastic utensils, containers in the modern world it is difficult to refuse. But please be patient. When you do your men's work – can return to normal life.

In male fertility plays an important role and diet. More use various greens and vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, spinach. Do not be redundant and fruits: oranges, lemons. However, eliminate from your diet of foods of animal origin, which contain a lot of fat. Simply put, refrain from dairy products, chicken, beef, and pork. Of course, the man is difficult to stop eating meat, but You'll be patient. Such a diet will quickly restore Your sperm.

Sorry, will have to abandon coffee and tea. These refreshing drinks can also have a negative impact on the quantity and quality of sperm.

Do not forget to regularly exercise and track body weight. However, all should be the measure. Visit the gym 5 times a week. One session of exercise should last no longer than 45 minutes otherwise You will not be able to affect the sperm. So avoid excessive exercise, whether it is marathon or any professional competition. Remember that only mild physical exercise is able to reduce stress and maintain a healthy body weight. And it is a direct way to improve sperm.

To increase male fertility will help and various nutritional supplements. To a greater extent this applies to zinc and vitamin C. If you take the latter every day, the semen will cease to stick together. Hence, increase its mobility. Also a beneficial effect on sperm render and zinc. However, it increases the level of testosterone. Do not ignore and arginine. This amino acid stimulates motility and increase sperm count.

To improve the quality of sperm capable and natural components. First and foremost, this applies to various herbs. They stimulate the erection, libido, and also promotes blood flow to the sex organ. So stock up on ginseng, extract Muira Puama and Ginkgo biloba. Extra they just will not.

There is a perception that the mobile phone has a negative effect on erection and semen. Well, can you relate to this statement. But better to be safe. After all, this theory that while scientists have not proved, nor denied. So you better not carry a cell phone in the front pocket of pants, jeans.

You will have to revise your closet. If You wear form-fitting pants that are snug against the groin, it is better to discard them. They press on blood vessels and decrease the production of sperm.

So, in conclusion, will talk with You about pills Semenax. They contain safe for health amino acids and herbal extracts. In particular, arginine, the extract Muira Puama. Thought about them?! These tablets are 100% natural. However, they do not cause side effects. So, if You want to improve your sexual health without visiting the doctor, take your pills Semenax.

Besides, Semenax can increase the number of orgasms.

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